Chapter Two: Showing Up for Your Self-Care

Chapter Two: Showing Up for Your Self-Care

Yesterday, I taught a yoga class at noon.  The room was warm, mats were laid out in a random pattern on the floor, people started to settle in. I had burned some palo santo, so there was a woody, somewhat sensual smell that wafted through the room. I was creating a sacred space for these yogis to breathe, pray, lay it all down. As I watched them settling down on their mats, I was filled with a deep feeling of respect for their presence in that room. 

The First Chapter

The First Chapter

How the hell do you write a book? 

I have no idea, but here I am trying. 

I figure it's like all things that you are scared to do, that you have built up in your head as being an impossible and even ridiculous goal. 

Case in point, a few years ago, I led a retreat to Costa Rica with a great group of yogis with rather adventurous spirits. We decided as a group to go zip lining through the rainforest. I sat with this group and agreed that it would be a chance of a lifetime, one not to be missed. Great plan, let's DO IT. My ego was writing big checks, my mouth was shooting off a little more than it should have.  

I forgot something important. 

Things I forgot in 2017

Things I forgot in 2017

This year was full of activity, surprises, disappointments, illness, love, cookies and so much more. I caught myself yesterday saying "2017 kicked my ass..." and as I said it something didn't quite ring true. Yes, I often felt like my proverbial ass was handed to me this year. Obstacles were put in my path that I wasn't prepared to handle, I saw some relationships come and go, I felt deep darkness at times. 

Reflecting on a year is one of my favorite things to do. It gives me the opportunity to take stock of myself, my goals, and where I am spending my energy. 

Sometimes life blows up....

On August 24th, I woke up and started my Thursday like every other day. Coffee, news, cuddles with my family. My friend and regular student at Perennial Yoga and Meditation, Meaghan Heires, woke up the same way. Just another ordinary day. No reason to think otherwise. 

However, while she and her finance Mike were at work, something extraordinary happened. The house across the street from hers violently exploded. 

I know where Meaghan lives, and that night, on my way to practice yoga, I saw the emergency crews and police surrounding the area. My heart sank. I immediately panicked, worried about Meaghan and Mike.  I couldn’t do anything but pray she was ok. Pray I did.

The next day, after my noon class, I stepped out of the studio to see Meaghan and Mike in the lobby. She knew we’d all be worried sick, so she came in to tell us that they were all ok, humans and animals. The house, her possessions, her day-to-day life however, was not ok. There was so much damage, it was hard to even imagine. On Thursday morning, she was planning her wedding. That afternoon, her life was literally blown up.

For the past 3 months, Meaghan and Mike have not been able to get back into their own house. The damage is extensive. Insurance has helped, but the trauma of losing your home is not one that is easily overcome.  Having a home, security and a sense of peace is essential for anyone’s mental and emotional health. Yoga practice, good friends, and the love of her family helps. I know our loving community can help even more. 

I invite you to help support Meaghan and Mike by attending two special yoga classes at Perennial. On Saturday December 17th, our Winter Solstice 108 Sun Salutations, as well as my 4pm Slow Flow will be donation only classes, with all proceeds going to Meaghan and Mike. 

Money won’t fix everything, but it will help them get their lives back together, eventually. Please join me in supporting this bright shining light in our community.  Hug those you love close to you, because you never know when a regular day turns into something different. 

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